3.0mm Custom Temporary Abutment, 3mm Height, Laser-Lok

Item #: TP3CTA3L
GTIN: 00847236010621

Use to create an immediate temporary abutment for sculpting the soft tissue. Two-piece Custom Temporary Abutments are offered with Laser-Lok microchannels on the collar to inhibit epithelial downgrowth and establish a biologic soft tissue seal around the abutment. When a Laser-Lok component is used and temporarily removed for impression making or other restorative procedures, keep the removed Laser-Lok component in sterile saline until reinserting into the site. Use included PEEK sleeve to support a temporary prosthesis. Final torque: 30 Ncm. Note: See L02015-003 Handling of Laser-Lok Abutments for more information.

Surface Laser-Lok
Indexing Non-Hexed
Platform Diameter 3.0mm (Gray)
Material Titanium Alloy

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