iChiropro Set

Item #: BA-1700439-001

iChiropro is the new implantology system from Bien Air controlled from an iPad® and equipped with some of the best performing instruments on the market. The app is regularly updated with new features, keeping the Bien Air system current with innovations and new advancements in implantology. iChiropro is the only system allowing to plan surgical procedures and place up to 8 implants simultaneously.


iChiropro comes with MX-I LED micromotor featuring ceramic ball bearings lubricated for life and maintenance free. The micromotor provides exceptional stability and torque at high and low speeds. Built-in LED light is adjustable from 0 to 38,000 lux, long lasting and speed-independent.



The iChiropro set includes:

- iChiropro console

- MX-i LED micromotor

- MX-i LED micromotor cable

- 3-button foot pedal

- 10 x Sterile irrigation lines

- 2 x Sterile protective films for iPad®

Product specifications
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