Internal Implant HA 3.5 x 9mm, 3.5 Platform

Item #: PYH3509

Biomechanical thread design of the Internal Implant shown to provide higher bone-to-implant contact and reverse-torque than other common thread designs.  The implant is packaged with a multi-purpose esthetic gold-hued 3inOne Abutment, Abutment Screw and Cover Screw. Hydroxylapatite Coating (HA) High-density crystalline coating; 0.5mm machined collar between the implant/abutment interface. The internal connection is 1.5mm deep internal hex, lead-in bevel and Spiralock® screw technology.

Product specifications
Length 9.0mm
Surface HA
Mount Option Mounted
Body Diameter 3.5mm
Platform Diameter 3.5mm (Yellow)