Set 8 - BioHorizons Fully Loaded, LED+ Motor, WiFi foot pedal, ISQ module, WS-75

Item #: WH-90000223

The new Implantmed from W&H ensures improved treatment safety for you and your patients. With the intuitive user interface, colour touch screen and glass surface the new Implantmed offers you the highest levels of comfort.

Fully loaded set includes everything you need to take advantage of the premium features of the new Implantmed from W&H.

The EM-19 LC electrical motor in combination with newly designed W&H handpieces and contra-angles featuring mini LED+ light provides optimal daylight quality illumination of the worksite at all stages of the work.

The wireless foot pedal offers an absolute freedom of movement. Choose the optimal site for the foot pedal within your working area. Control the functions of multiple W&H units (available for Implantmed SI-915 white, Elcomed SA-310, equipped with SPI dongle adaptors).

W&H Osstell ISQ Module provides measurement of implant stability.


Set 8: BioHorizons W&H Fully Loaded unit Implantmed SI-1015 with LED+ and wireless foot pedal upgrade:

-        Motor console Implantmed SI-1015

-        Wireless foot pedal

-        W&H Osstell ISQ Module

-        40,000 rpm EM-19 LC motor with 1.8 m cable

-        WS-75 L 20:1 contra-angle with LED+ light

-        (3) Disposable irrigation tubes

-        Bur gauge

-        Oil cap

-        F1 oil can (shipped separately)

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