BioHorizons TeethXpress Patient Education Magazine

Item #: ML0315

BioHorizons created TeethXpress magazine to help you educate prospective and existing patients about dental implants and regenerative treatment. An educated patient is more likely to follow through on treatment recommendations, therefore increasing case acceptance.

The current edition includes 20+ real patient testimonials, an effective form of patient education and case acceptance. The “Celebrities with dental implants” and “Financing your implant treatment” articles remain patient favorites. Newly added
content reassures patients that the dental office has always been safe and is now even safer. To further put patients at ease, magazines are individually wrapped.

Provide the magazine to patients in advance of their appointment or upon arrival, during consultations and during patient seminars. Include them in take-home folders and encourage them to share the information with family members. Also, give them to your referring doctors too! Handing out copies of this uniquely helpful marketing tool will benefit both your practice and theirs, as patients become better acquainted with the benefits of dental implant and regenerative treatment.

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