Multi-unit AbutmentsThe BioHorizons Multi-unit abutment system provides the tools to restore even compromised edentulous cases. With a wide variety of abutment angles, collar heights and platform diameters, no system better equips you to plan for your patients’ individual needs. The abutment’s intelligent design and restorative flexibility is matched only by its ease of use and surgical efficiency

Technique Animations 

Multi-unit Abutment Open Tray Technique Animation

Multi-unit Abutment Closed Tray Technique Animation

Technique Modules 

Multi-unit Abutment Impression Technique - Direct Open Tray Module

Multi-unit Abutment Impression Technique - Closed Tray Module


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3.0mm Multi-unit Bone Profiler

Item #: TP3MUBP

3.5mm Multi-unit Bone Profiler

Item #: PYMUBP

4.5mm Multi-unit Bone Profiler

Item #: PGMUBP