Bone Fixation Screw Kit JEIL112-080KIT

Item #: 160-900

Indicated for use in the fixation of cortical onlay grafts and meshes used in Guided Bone Regeneration. Also indicated for tenting of membranes used in Guided Bone Regeneration. Kit includes:• 24 Screws - (6) 1.4 x 8mm Micro Screws - (6) 1.4 x 10mm Micro Screws - (6) 2.0 x 10mm Mini Screws -(6) 2.0 x 12mm Mini Screws - Flexible Micro Mesh - Comprehensive Instrument Set - Screwdriver Body - Autoclavable Screw Block with Lid

Hard tissue Ridge augmentation kits
Hard tissue Block grafting kits

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