Elcomed SA-310 Professional Kit with LED

Item #: WH-310L

Elcomed SA-310 Professional Kit with LED

Elcomed from W&H is a high-quality innovative solution for maxillofacial surgery, dental surgery and implantology. Includes WS-75 L G Surgical Handpiece 20:1 Contra-angle (WH-30032000) fully dismantleable.Optional USB data recording function.

All information in one user level.
6 programs with individually adjustable parameters.
Shortest and lightest motor with 50,000 rpm.
Up to 80 Ncm on the rotary instrument.
Automatic thread cutter function.

Motor Kit includes: console,handheld motor with cable, foot pedal, (3) disposable irrigation tubes, handpiece, bur testing gauge, service oil and oil spray cap.

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