Tapered HD Upgrade Set


BioHorizons existing Tapered implant customers using a TSK3000 surgical kit can easily upgrade to the new Tapered HD instruments. The Tapered HD upgrade set features 23 HD instruments and a replacement surgical tray, adding the instrumentation needed to place the new 3.4mm and 18mm Tapered Internal implants.

Tapered HD Upgrade Set (TSKHDUS) includes:

  • Tapered HD Tray (1x)
  • Tapered HD Drills (8x) 
  • Tapered HD Depth Gauges (5x) 
  • Tapered HD Crestal Bone Drills (5x) 
  • Tapered HD Bone Taps (5x)
Product specifications
Implant Style Tapered
Type HD
Instrument Surgical Kit
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