Dental Implant Tooth vs. Natural Tooth Patient Animation - Portuguese

Item #: SPMP22083ESpt

This Portuguese language version of the Dental Implant Tooth vs. Natural Tooth Patient Animation is designed to educate the general public on how a dental implant functions to replace a missing natural tooth root, making it the standard of care for tooth replacement.

Using images and text on screen, this short animation briefly yet succinctly highlights the basic anatomy of a tooth, as well as the comparable components of a dental implant, abutment and crown to artificially replace a missing tooth. A section highlighting The BioHorizons Advantage details why BioHorizons implants are ideal due to LaserLok surface technology, design and strong bone and gum tissue attachment. 

This video is designed for turnkey use by BioHorizons customers for internal use within the practice or external use on websites/social media platforms, to educate patients on dental implants and increase case acceptance for this therapy. The video is optimized for web use and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.